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Service overview

Service overview

Founded in 2001 on the Marignane site, the Logtrans company specializes in transporting goods in containers and conventional on behalf of shipping lines and freight forwarders.

In 2010 the company opens the transport of radioactive and dangerous goods (explosives, chemicals etc ...), it obtained ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 and opens an agency specializing in Orleans: Logtrans NUC.


Our Assets

  • Reactivity
  • Teams at your service
  • Adapted teams
  • Sites closer to our customers for optimized time and respected



  • Fast and reliable location of your radioactive goods thanks to geolocation installed in all our containers
  • Real-time information by deploying geolocation tags on all our tractors and the majority of our owner-operators to know in real time the position of the hitch and evaluate the arrival time on the site loading or unloading


Safety of transported goods

  • All our containers are equipped with a door lock
  • All our tractors have a backbone and a trolley jack for sliding frames
  • All our facilities are equipped with anti-theft system



Our experience is recognized by our customers, such as CMA-CGM / MSC / MAERSK but also by transit companies as Somatrans / Geodis / DHL / NECOTRANS


A dedicated organization

A structured business around its three business lines and equipped with powerful hardware and a suitable operating system

  • Container freight Logtrans
  • Conventional transport Logtrans FRET
  • Container for radioactive goods Logtrans NUC



Our frames trailers are suitable for the transport of all types of containers:

  • 20' containers
  • 40’ containers
  • High Cube Containers
  • Reefer Containers


Besides the containers which ensures customers Logtrans transportation, our company has also invested in the purchase of type A or IP2 containers dedicated to the transport of radioactive goods and made available to our customers.

Operating system

Logtrans invested in a WinSpot operating system developed for its needs and adapted to its different activities, able to manage customer demand, receipt to invoicing, interfacing with management:

  • Rolling stock
  • Conductors
  • Container


The mastery of our business

Quality management

  • Effective on the site of Artenay, this approach is being deployed on all sites
  • A dynamic approach directed towards the satisfaction of our customers
  • An approach involving all our employees
  • An approach to the service of our company: a more structured organization, operating modes optimized for controlled services.


Control of our traction providers

Logtrans selects its traction providers on the basis of clearly defined criteria in order to create a true partnership with them to serve customers.

It also ensures that its transporters:

  • Have a valid Community license
  • Have a professional liability insurance, Operating Liability and Civil Liability after delivery
  • Have a civil liability insurance and Contractual Liability Company or Member Head of Group agree to the contract by Logtrans
  • Annual monitoring of the validity of these documents is set up
  • A commitment of transporters with legal and regulatory requirements are also requested and spot checks are made.
  • A commitment of owner compliance with the requirements

A fleet tailored to the needs of each client

In addition to its own fleet, Logtrans is able to have at all times sufficient equipment to meet the needs of its customers through a partnership developed with its usual transporters.

The selection and monitoring of its transporters are subject to control of subcontracting procedures guaranteeing customers the respect by all legal and regulatory requirements regarding transport and sufficient insurance cover.

LogTrans Services - Headquarters : 18 Alle de la Palun ZI de la Palun 13700 Marignane (France) - Tel : +33 (0)4 42 77 05 20 - Fax : +33 (0)4 42 77 10 59