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Conventional transport

Conventional transport

Complete Lot

  • We are ideally located between North and South Europe.
  • We are reactive and respond to requests as soon as possible.
  • In association with quality correspondents, we cover all road destinations.

Our concern: Keep on time and respect the goods entrusted to us.



  • We offer the best solution for your transport.
  • We have the ability to load a pallet, a package, a box, or a complete package in all regions of France and Europe.
  • We have groupage trucks, which specialize in this work with drivers trained in this exercise.
  • Meeting our commitments is our daily concern.


Transportation of steel coils

  • Logtrans offers a solution for the transport of steel coils.
  • We have solutions to transport your goods at destination on time.



Exceptional / heavy parcels

  • We offer the best solution for your special and heavy transports.
  • We are experienced and skilled in this type of transport.
  • Therefore, we can organize exceptional transport, both by the dimensions by weight.
  • We provide a complete logistics and on-site crane, and effective means of handling.
  • Competitive we can achieve an accurate study under very tight deadlines.

Bonded Warehouse

  • We offer the best solution for your BUNDLING / UNBUNDLING
  • Our carrier business: forward in our warehouses grouped cargo from different websites and redirect unbundled to recipients.

LogTrans Services - Headquarters : 18 Alle de la Palun ZI de la Palun 13700 Marignane (France) - Tel : +33 (0)4 42 77 05 20 - Fax : +33 (0)4 42 77 10 59