Given the many restrictions in some countries to ban the importation or movement of certain used vehicles, Logtrans Services urges its customers to ascertain from the relevant authorities (Customs / Embassies / Consulates) the vehicle is exported in accordance with customs regulations and road destination.

Logtrans Services will endeavor to provide you with the information made available to it via its various interlocutors, but in no case shall not be held liable for any dispute on these regulations.

The consequences of non-compliance with these restrictions may lead the vehicle to be destroyed / seized or refused landing by local authorities.
All costs arising from then this fact are the responsibility of the owner of the goods.


Below you will find some relevant destinations:


  • GABON prohibited> 3 years
  • SENEGAL prohibited> 8 years
  • COTE D'IVOIRE prohibited> 7 years
  • MOROCCO prohibited> 5 years

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